Hi, friend.

It’s nice to call you “friend” right now. I feel like I haven’t been the easiest on you lately. Part of it is that I don’t believe that you’re trying your hardest, but who am I to be a critic. We are the same person, after all. All these thoughts I lash out onto you could be better expressed when written like this, perhaps for an audience or perhaps for a piece of paper that will end up in the trash.

Either way, it’s nice to see you now. Even like this. There’s some comfort in acknowledging that we’re not at the best place in our lives but we’re continuing to live them like everything is normal. Because what else is there to do? We have to get to tomorrow no matter what. And when tomorrow comes, we’ll have to get to tomorrow’s tomorrow.

Perhaps this is even good for us. You know, beyond just being comforting. Can you imagine putting us, animals at our core whose fundamental purpose is to be stressed in order to not get eaten by predators, in a place where we have no reason to be afraid of anything? Maybe we’re just not looking for the right kind of stress. The type that jolts us awake in the morning excited to resolve it throughout the day, or the type that can’t be bothered to get distracted by something on the TV or someone asking us for a favor. How can we live tomorrow differently to where we experience that kind of stress?

That’s something to think about next time we’re laying down and staring at the ceiling waiting for an opportunity to come to us. Will we find the answer now, or today? Probably not, and that’s why we need to get to tomorrow, and tomorrow’s tomorrow. Because it doesn’t happen all at once, but it does happen… It does happen.

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